BCI Global 2022 Winner

URIM Wins Global BCI Award - 17th November 2022

BCI GLOBAL 2021_Innovation Award (002)

URIM Wins BCI Global Award - 18th November 2021


URIM Wins 2021 Prestigious Security Industry Award

URIM Award

URIM Wows Industry With BCI European Award

URiM - Unified Remote Information Management

URiM app for business

No-Code Software

URIM makes your worklife easier. It’s a simple, powerful corporate communication app that works on the principle that "knowledge is power". Data sharing enables your mobile workforce to gain access to key information & puts it at their fingertips .

It’s scientific, yet works like magic.

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Default Password: test

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You can get started immediately. Why wait? Download the business app to suit your phone. You can login to a test instance right away at no cost to you. See for yourself how easy it is to navigate around our sample menus and data sharing example.

Readily imagine how happy your own user community will be, having the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

Click on the link on this page for your mobile device and get the version you need.

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Secure Business App

URIM keeps your data safe. Whether Personally Identifiable Information under GDPR & similar local legislation, or confidential company information - URIM's app for business keeps it all secure.

It strictly controls access, so that your users only see the documents for data sharing that they are meant to see, and only those with the right permissions get to see anything.

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You can deploy your own global mobile information solution to your enterprise in minutes.

It's that fast.

Users can be sure of getting the latest app communications and information updates within seconds. Users can even securely access their data offline, whenever there is no internet access available.

“The product is excellent. That’s why we chose it”, Zera Zheng, Maersk

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URIM excels in giving your workforce structured access to their vital information. Data sharing cases are limited only by your imagination. You control your own content and layout.

Typical staff communication applications include crisis management, health and safety practices, employee handbooks and policy materials, detailed product guides and technical operational manuals.

“URIM excels by digitalising information for an increasingly mobile workforce”, Gary Shepherd, Sales Director, Qubic Group Plc

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URIM's power rests in its ability to connect your global workforce with up to a million digital pages of their vital information within just 5 clicks.

Yet at every step, your users globally, are each guided through simple menu options that they can readily understand, in their own language.

“We are living in a digital world. URIM allows organisations to simplify their global safety, security, risk & resilience vehicles into a single, consolidated channel”, John Frost, Head of Business Continuity, Marks & Spencer