URiM - Unified Remote Information Management - Download

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Download URIM Business Continuity Application

Download the URIM app builder. Use the username/password combination of test/test and you will be able to navigate around a sample version of a Business Resilience application.

Let’s get you started.

Default Username: test

Default Password: test

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Download the Brochure

For more technical and commercial details about how you might deploy URIM data sharing application within your own enterprise, please download your own brochure, by clicking on the link below:

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Get a Quote

Costs for the URIM app builder can be as little as a cup of coffee per user per year. In developed economies, staff can cost tens of thousands of pounds annually.

With URIM, equipping them with the knowledge you know they need, costs only a few pounds per person per year.

You can start small, with a simple proof of concept system, then expand as others around you catch the vision!