URiM - Unified Remote Information Management - Pricing

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Per User Pricing

URIM corporate communication system pricing is based on an enterprise licence, up to the given user volume threshold, starting at up to 100 Users. Standard terms assume 3 year agreements. However, one year agreements are available without automatic discounts. Payments can be made by monthly Direct Debit, to help you smooth your cash flow.

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Enterprise Licensing - Corporate Communication

Pricing starts at a few pounds per user per month, at the entry level licensing threshold of up to 100 Users.

For volumes above 2000 Users, licensing charges reduce to a few pounds per User per year.

Above 20,000 Users, enterprise licensing charges are bespoke to each Client requirement.

Ask us for the details you need.

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Global Simplicity

URIM scales with you. You can always start small, with a proof of concept deployment among a key team of “power users”. Then expand your corporate communication horizons as far as your enterprise extends.

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