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Maersk: Rapid Global Deployment

Maersk is the world's largest transportation, corporate communication and logistics company. Maersk manages the 7x24 resilience activities of thousands of staff, in over 40 countries around the world. Their global workforce relies on URIM's step-by-step procedures of its corporate communication app, for all their business continuity response scenarios. From strikes, through port closures, flight cancellations and coronavirus disruptions, this industry leader use URIM as their "digital glue", providing all employees with a single place to go for the latest critical information.


Senior company Director, Saskia Groen-in't-Woud says: "Every single Maersk family member can access our app and know what to do. It is worth so much to be able to keep your teams informed and cared for". Read the full article


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UK Counter Terrorism Police Deploy URIM Nationwide

Like law enforcement organisations around the world, the UK's Counter-Terrorism Policing Unit ("NaCTSO") has an ongoing duty to warn & inform the public. The UK force receives due recognition from around the world, for its thought leadership in the "digital transformation" of policing.


NaCTSO's digital strategy seeks to educate, engage & equip UK citizens and security professionals, to help maintain the UK as a hostile environment for malicious actors. Latest news, vital guidance documents and up-to-the-minute messaging combine in a single sophisticated ACT app, ensuring the UK Public can be better informed and better protected, should the worst happen.


Watch the national launch video or read NaCTSO's own launch article, for more detailed information, including how to sign up to the ACT App as an organisation.


Senior UK Coordinator for Protective Security, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, says:  “The feedback we have received during the trial phase has been overwhelmingly positive and I encourage everyone working in crowded places – particularly those with a security role - to sign up to use this new tool."

BCI Global 2022 Winner

URIM Wins Global BCI Award - 17th November 2022

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URIM Wins BCI Global Award - 18th November 2021


URIM Wins 2021 Prestigious Security Industry Award

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URIM Wows Industry With BCI European Award