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Solutions: Use Cases

URIM excels in giving your workforce structured access to their vital information. Use cases are limited only by your imagination.

“URIM excels by digitalising information for an increasingly mobile workforce”, Gary Shepherd, Sales Director, Qubic Group Plc

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Solutions: Examples

Typical examples include: health & safety guidance for employees & contractors; crisis management guidance for all staff; operational checklists for mobile staff doing technical, or process-driven roles; mobile staff directories; GDPR and other legal & standards compliance demonstration; electronic employee handbooks; business continuity plans; plus ultra-effective, rapid induction training for new staff, or temporary workers.

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Solutions: Start Now

You can get started immediately. Download the app to suit your phone and you can login to a test instance right away. See for yourself how easy it is to navigate around our sample menus. Readily imagine how happy your own User community will be, having the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

Click the relevant link to get URIM for your device.

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