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Solutions: Use Cases

URIM excels in giving your workforce structured access to their vital information. Use cases are limited only by your imagination.

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Solutions: Examples

Typical examples include: health & safety guidance for employees & contractors; crisis management guidance for all staff; operational checklists for mobile staff doing technical, or process-driven roles; mobile staff directories; GDPR and other legal & standards compliance demonstration; electronic employee handbooks; business continuity plans; plus ultra-effective, rapid induction training for new staff, or temporary workers.

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Solutions: Start Now

You can get started immediately. Download the app to suit your phone and you can login to a test instance right away. See for yourself how easy it is to navigate around our sample menus. Readily imagine how happy your own User community will be, having the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

Click the relevant link to get URIM for your device.

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Mobile App Builder

Making Worklife Easier

Knowledge is Your Power

Safe & Secure

URIM app builder makes your worklife easier. It’s powered by the principle that “knowledge is power”. So now you can have as many as a million pages of know-how within 5 taps of your fingertips. It is an app-based system, recognising that most of us take our smart phones with us everywhere. URIM is therefore a mobile content management system, that puts you in control of what can be seen and who can see it. Around the clock and around the world.

But we make it like child’s play.

We all rely on knowledge to do our jobs. Yet we suffer from imperfect recall. That’s where having the knowledge you need at your fingertips can help. Whether it is procedural steps, meeting planners, tick lists, information updates, or simply knowing who you need to call and when - URIM's app builder has you covered.

URIM is a self-build app system. We provide you with the tools and the framework. The data content you provide is entirely your choice. Each organisation will be different. Including yours.

You can easily partition “views” of your data, so that each department, country operation, or user community, only sees what it needs.

Your contact lists, key documents and other pages of content within the app builder are entered through a secure Administration Portal. Once created, this content is automatically “pushed” out to URIM app Users that you authorise to see it.

Your data is kept safe in suitable regional data centres, so as to comply with GDPR and similar local data legislation. The strength of our security is tested & approved by external specialists, using advanced cyber security techniques.

Client Quotes

“URIM excels by digitising information for an increasingly mobile workforce”, Gary Shepherd, Sales Director, Qubic Group Plc

“We are living in a digital world where mobile workforces are on the increase. URIM allows organisations to embrace this digital revolution, through a single collaborative channel, accessible to all your people, any time, anywhere. ” John Frost, Head of Business Continuity, Marks & Spencer

“URIM’s power & simplicity rest in its ability to connect your Global workforce with up to a million pages of the information they all need, within 5 clicks”, Ian Hammond, CEO, URIM

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BCI Global 2022 Winner

URIM Wins Global BCI Award - 17th November 2022

BCI GLOBAL 2021_Innovation Award (002)

URIM Wins BCI Global Award - 18th November 2021


URIM Wins 2021 Prestigious Security Industry Award

URIM Award

URIM Wows Industry With BCI European Award