URiM - Unified Remote Information Management - FAQ

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Which iOS versions are fully supported?
V13 onwards

Which Android versions are supported?
Android version 7 or later (over 90% of Android devices)

What if I have no internet connection?
URIM works offline too

Where is my data hosted?
UK, or local to your country/jurisdiction

Is the solution GDPR compliant in Europe?

Who can help me with entering all my content?
Independent Consultants

Will URIM work on iPads and tablets?

Does URIM support Apple's standards for Application Transport Security & Push Notifications?

Default Username: test 

Default Password: test 

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In Europe, Wavenet Group have built a strong track record of infrastructure and hosting solutions over two decades, for demanding commercial enterprises and government departments alike.

Based in the UK, they possess both the technical and commercial strength-in-depth to support the round-the-clock backup you would expect for an enterprise solution like URIM.

To discover more, visit www.wavenetuk.com

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Your own in-house team will be able to support you regarding managing your digital content. If you have an issue relating to the app itself, first check the FAQ’s, which solve most enquiries quickly.

If it’s a training need, try downloading our User Guide.

Remember, you can reset your own password from the app login page. For Single Sign On issues, contact your own System Administrator.

For all other enquiries, email us at support@urimapp.com